Ned Isakoff
Gender Male
First Appearance "The Race"
Portrayed By Todd Kimsey

Ned Isakoff, played by Todd Kimsey, dated Elaine Benes in “The Race”. He is a Communist, but Elaine doesn't notice until George finds Ned's copy of The Daily Worker lying around her apartment. Elaine finds her new boyfriend's political affiliation thrilling, but is unimpressed with his drab clothing choices.

Ned has a special affinity for the Chinese restaurant Hop Sing's as the restaurant helped his father (who was also a Communist) organize during rough times in his childhood. Ned's relationship with Elaine ended after she got him blacklisted from Hop Sing's after using his name in a failed ruse against the restaurant. “You got me blacklisted at Hop Sing’s?!” Hop Sing himself responded, “She named name.”

Ned's call for a worker's revolution in the USA fell on deaf ears for Jerry and George. However, Cosmo Kramer, who would later claim he had no idea Communism was so controversial, was quite taken by it. Kramer would later be fired from his part-time job as a mall Santa when he began relaying the information found in Ned's pamphlets to the children there.

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