"She can bring home the bacon and fry it in the pan."

Pam is a beautiful bookstore manager who was caught in a lover's triangle with Jerry and Kramer. She was played by Kim Myers and appears in the season 8 episode: The Soul Mate.

Jerry is dating Pam, but is not gaga over her and he wonders how long the relationship can last. When Kramer meets her, he does go gaga over her and works with Newman to woo her away from Jerry.

Kramer tries talking Jerry into dumping Pam so he can date her. Kramer does such a good job in describing her great qualities that Jerry realizes how special she is. To Kramer's dismay, Jerry decides to continue seeing her.

Unfortunately for Jerry, the poetry Newman writes for Kramer to use on Pam is a big hit and she begins to favor Kramer over him. When Jerry visits her at work and sees her hair tied up with the velvet scrunchy Kramer wanted her to wear, he knows something is up and he forces her to choose between him or Kramer. Before she can decide, Kramer begins badmouthing Jerry and asks him if he really thinks she wants to have his children. Pam interrupts Kramer and lets him know she doesn't want to have children with either one of them. Both Kramer and Jerry decide to get a vasectomy to impress Pam, but Jerry backs out while Kramer is operated on.

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