Ping (played by Ping Wu) is a Chinese food delivery boy who first appears in "The Tape". While delivering food to Jerry's apartment, George asks him to speak with someone in China (because George cannot speak Chinese) at a company that is manufacturing a cream to cure baldness; when George asked if it really works, Ping said, "They say you grow hair, look like Stalin!"

Ping made his next appearance in "The Virgin" where he is accidentally injured by Elaine when she tried to apologize to Marla, the virgin; due to this Ping decided to "slap a suit" on Elaine.

In "The Visa" Ping's cousin Cheryl is introduced and she is a lawyer (his lawyer, to be exact) and after initially deciding to drop the case against Elaine, Cheryl decides to go through with it after figuring out that George was lying to her, calling them all "big liars". Ping said of his cousin, "You think she nice girl? She's a shark. They call her the Terminator!"

Ping made his last appearance in "The Pilot" when he is seen watching Jerry with Cheryl and says, "I can't believe you were attracted to him (meaning Jerry)."

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