Pinky Toe's Wild Ride is the 7th Seinimation. It is an animated version of a scene from “The Fire”.


Jerry and Kramer are arguing about the very long story of how Jerry heckled a woman. She ran out of a building and a street sweeper hit her foot, severing her pinky toe. Kramer grabs the toe, gets on a bus, and tells the driver to step on it. All of a sudden, a guy comes on the bus with a gun and Kramer beats him up! The driver is knocked out from all of the action and the bus is going crazy. So, Kramer starts to drive it, but the thug is back, choking him. Kramer uses his foot to knock him off the bus and Jerry and George can't believe it. Kramer gets the toe to the hospital; Toby has her toe re-attached thanks to Kramer.

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