Play Now
is a playground equipment company where George briefly works during the beginning of Season Nine ("The Butter Shave" and "The Voice"). When George is hired he has a cane (from the events of "The Summer of George") so the higher-ups at Play Now think he is handicapped. Of course, George milks his injury as much as he can until Play Now finally discovers that he is in fact not handicapped. As a result of this Play Now no longer likes George, and they want him out. Play Now took certain siege tactics in order to try to get George to quit before his one-year contract is up (so that they won't have to pay him), but George withstands each obstacle.

Eventually, the company resorts to locking George out of his office and opening his previously private bathroom to the public. In retaliation George allows Kramer to conduct an experiment at Play Now's headquarters, wherein Kramer drops a rubber ball of oil off the building to test an "oil bladder" idea (meant to prevent oil spills in ship wrecks). The ball of oil accidentally hits Jerry's girlfriend Claire, leading Claire to sue Play Now. The lawsuit eventually forces Play Now to declare bankruptcy, ultimately causing George to lose his job.

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