Rabbi Glickman (AKA Rabbi Kirschbaum) is just that, a rabbi. He lives in the same apartment building as Elaine Benes. He was portrayed by Police Academy actor Bruce Mahler.


He appears in The Postponement, The Serenity Now, and The Finale, Part 2. Rabbi Glickman has his own cable TV show. He is polite, but he is also incapable of keeping secrets. This is evidenced at the end of The Postponement: while doing his show, he mentions Elaine's unhappiness with George Costanza and Susan Ross’s upcoming wedding. He mentions Elaine, George, and Susan by name. Like many other Jewish men Elaine has encountered, Rabbi Glickman appears to be attracted to her "shiksa appeal", even attempting to ask her out.

In The Finale, Part 2, Rabbi Glickman attended the trial of Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer. A deleted scene had him interacting with Frank Costanza, Estelle Costanza, Morty Seinfeld, and Helen Seinfeld on how to view their sons for growth and enlightenment. The day before the jury came to a decision, Rabbi Glickman killed time by reading something from his book to Jerry's parents and Frank Costanza. When Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer were pronounced guilty, Glickman was one of the few who showed genuine grief for them along with their few friends and family.

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