Ramon is a minor Seinfeld character. He appears in “The Pool Guy”. Carlos Jacott played him.

In “The Pool Guy”, Ramon is a pool cleaner at Jerry's local health club Physique. He is fired for putting too much chlorine in the swimming pool and after Jerry sympathizes, he becomes attached to Jerry, who is constantly being irritated by Ramon. After Jerry tries to get away from Ramon, Ramon takes it the wrong way. After Jerry pulls him into the pool, Ramon almost drowns when Newman jumps in. This leads to both of them arguing which one of them would do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Jerry later told Elaine Benes and Susan Ross what happened and stated that some people came in and someone resuscitated him, leading to Jerry and Newman's memberships at Physique being revoked.

He appears again briefly in “The Finale, Part 2”. A deleted scene has him testifying against Jerry and Newman about their actions at Physique and their argument on who would perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on him.

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