Rava is a writer from Finland who appears in "The Statue". She is played by Nurit Koppel.

Rava seems to have a macabre viewpoint of life, and she is a smoker. She hires Elaine to edit her book. Elaine then persuades Jerry to allow Rava's boyfriend, Ray, to clean his apartment. Ray does a great job cleaning the apartment, and Jerry goes over to Rava's place with Elaine to thank Ray for the job he did. Jerry sees a statue in their apartment that looks exactly like the one he had in his apartment, leading him to the conclusion that Ray must have stolen the statue. Jerry later confronts Ray about it. Offended, Ray denies having stolen the statue and storms out. Rava and Elaine discuss the situation, which leads to an argument between the two in which Rava takes Ray's side and Elaine takes Jerry's side. After the argument, Elaine is no longer going to edit Rava's book.

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