Not to be confused with Raymond.

Ray is Rava's boyfriend who appears in "The Statue". He is played by Michael D. Conway.

Ray is a student at Columbia University, and he is hired to clean Jerry's apartment. Ray does a very good job cleaning the apartment, impressing Jerry. Jerry accompanies Elaine to Rava's apartment where he finds a statue that looks identical to the statue that was in his apartment, leading Jerry to the realization that Ray must have stolen his statue. Later, Jerry confronts Ray about this at Monk's Cafe, and Ray claims to have gotten the statue in a pawn shop. George, who is eavesdropping from the booth right behind them, leaps up out of his seat and yells at Ray, insisting that he stole the statue. Deeply offended, Ray leaves. Jerry calls the police, but they can't do anything about it. Kramer says they need to do something about this, and says they should "go get him." Kramer, impersonating a police officer, storms in to Ray's apartment, and takes the statue back from Ray.

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