Not to be confused with Ricky Ross, Susan's brother.

Ricky is a character from Seinfeld. He appears in two episodes, and is portrayed by late Sam Lloyd, the nephew of Christopher Lloyd.


"The Cigar Store Indian"

Ricky appears in the Cigar Store Indian when Elaine is travelling on the subway. He is infatuated with her, and offers her help with the TV guide by offering her a highlighter. She is creeped out by him, and leaves in a rush, leaving the TV Guide. Ricky cuts them up and makes them into a bouquet of flowers for Elaine, which he delivers to the address on the TV Guide (Frank's house in Queens).

"The Pie"

Ricky appears briefly at the end of The Pie where it is revealed he has been designing mannequins that resemble Elaine which are distributed to stores all over New York and Chicago.

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