George at the movies

In Season 4 (episode: "The Movie"), Jerry and friends are trying to meet up to see the movie CheckMate. They get split up, can't get into the movie, and three of them end up going to see Rochelle, Rochelle instead. However, they ditch the movie partway through.

Late in season four's “The Smelly Car”, George rents Rochelle, Rochelle on video, and to avoid rewind charges, keeps the video an extra day. The video is then stolen from the smelly car, and George is required to pay $98 to replace it. While at the video store, George sees Susan and her girlfriend for the first time.

The Season Six episode “The Understudy” featured a Broadway musical adaptation of Rochelle, Rochelle starring Bette Midler, who appeared in the episode. The episode's plot is inspired by the Nancy Kerrigan beating. Jerry is dating Midler's understudy; in a softball game between his favorite comedy club's team and the team of Rochelle cast members, Midler is injured, and people accuse Jerry of masterminding the event so his girlfriend can go on. In typical Seinfeld fashion, the episode has about five separate plot lines that converge at the end, in which we see Bette Midler perform the title number in her hospital bed. Lyrics:

"Well, you made a long journey from Milan to Minsk, Rochelle, Rochelle. You never stopped hoping; now you're in a Pinsk, Rochelle, Rochelle. When the naysayers 'nay' you picked up your pace. You said nothing's going to stop me so get out of my face. I'm having adventures all over the place, Rochelle, ROCHELLE!"

In another bit inspired by the Kerrigan attack, the episode ends as the understudy stops the show when she realizes her boot is untied, à la Tonya Harding.

Rochelle rochelle poster

The Rochelle, Rochelle poster with some characters

Rochelle Rochelle is probably a reference to the French movie Emmanuelle released in France in 1974. The title is similar to the 1968 film Rachel, Rachel.