Russell Dalrymple


Russell Dalrymple, played by Bob Balaban, was the president of NBC and was considering doing the sitcom Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza created. He is divorced and has a teenage daughter named Molly (played by Denise Richards). When George and Jerry stared at Molly's breasts, Russell was going to cancel the pilot, but he forgave them after he stared at Elaine's breasts. He also fired Susan Ross upon learning she was dating George. Russell had one date with Elaine, and though she didn't want to see him any more, he became fixated on her, calling her all the time, desperate to see her again. She states she rebuffed him because of his job and if he worked for a more respectable organization things would be different. (She really just found him creepy, but didn't admit it to him.) He then suddenly disappears and nobody from NBC knows where he is. He is later shown to have joined Greenpeace to impress Elaine. He died after falling out of a small boat in the middle of the sea while on a mission for Greenpeace. The new NBC president, Rita Kirson, didn't like Jerry and George's show and cancelled it.


Season 4

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