Dr. Sara Sitarides, portrayed by Marcia Cross, was a dermatologist who Jerry briefly dated in "The Slicer." After their first date, Jerry felt worthless due to her claiming she was a life-saving doctor, while he was only a comedian. After Elaine told Jerry that she was a only dermatologist, he sought her out for a second date so that, as George put it, he could "put that aloe pusher in her place" since she was only "one step from working at the Clinique counter," as long as he classed it up. After calling her "Pimple Popper, M.D.," one of Dr. Sitarides' patients encountered them at the restaurant, thanking her for saving his life from skin cancer, resulting in Jerry's plan being a total backfire.

Dr. Sitarides later attempted to do a cancer screening at Kruger Industrial Smoothing, but ran out after Jerry falsely accused her of intentionally giving him a rash. Jerry ultimately discovered that it was Kramer who gave him the rash, after he saw Kramer using his hand towel to clean his slicer with a toxic chemical.

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