Season 2 of Seinfeld ran from January to June 1991.


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06 21-the-ex-girlfriend.jpeg "The Ex-Girlfriend" Tom Cherones
Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld
Jan. 23, 1991
Jerry begins seeing George's ex-girlfriend, Marlene, whom George finds altogether annoying. Marlene then breaks up with Jerry after seeing his act.
07 Seinfeld jpg 627x325 crop upscale q85.jpeg "The Pony Remark" Tom Cherones
Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld
Jan. 30, 1991
Jerry makes an off-color remark at an aunt's dinner which subsequently leads to her death.
08 The Jacket.png "The Jacket" Tom Cherones
Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld
Feb. 6, 1991
Jerry wears an expensive jacket when he meets Elaine's father, but an argument ensues when Jerry is reluctant to wear the jacket during a snowfall.
09 The Phone Message.jpg "The Phone Message" Tom Cherones
Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld
Feb. 13, 1991
George leaves several nasty messages on a girlfriend's answering machine, forcing him and Jerry to go to her apartment to steal the tape.
10 9.16.jpeg "The Apartment" Tom Cherones
Peter Mehlman
April 4, 1991
Jerry finds Elaine an apartment in his building but tries to stop her from moving in when he realizes the downside to their living in the same building.
11 S2E06 The Statue.jpg "The Statue" Tom Cherones
Larry Charles
April 11, 1991
Jerry has his apartment cleaned by the boyfriend of Elaine's client and later learns that the housekeeper stole a valuable statue.
12 Seinfeld-The Revenge-12.jpeg "The Revenge" Tom Cherones
Larry David
April 18, 1991
George quits his job after tiring of his demanding boss; he immediately regrets his decision and tries to get his job back, undertaking an act of revenge on his erstwhile employer.
13 Heart Attack.png "The Heart Attack" Tom Cherones
Larry Charles
April 25, 1991
George thinks he is having a heart attack but actually needs a tonsillectomy, leading Kramer to recommend a holistic healer as a cheaper alternative.
14 The-deal-picture.jpeg "The Deal" Tom Cherones
Larry David
May 2, 1991
Elaine and Jerry renew their sexual relationship after coming across a soft-core pornographic film, but they set ground rules for their future escapades.
15 Seinfeld baby shower.jpg "The Baby Shower" Tom Cherones
Larry Charles
May 16, 1991
Elaine holds a baby shower for a friend at Jerry's apartment. Meanwhile, Kramer tries to convince Jerry to pirate cable television.
16 Seinfeld the chinese restaurant.jpeg "The Chinese Restaurant" Tom Cherones
Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld
May 23, 1991
Jerry, George and Elaine decide to get dinner without reservations at a Chinese restaurant before seeing a movie but are repeatedly stymied by the maître d'.
17 The Busboy.jpg "The Busboy" Tom Cherones
Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld
June 26, 1991
At dinner, George takes the blame after a busboy gets fired, while Elaine faces having her boyfriend live with her for a week.