Seinfeld s4

Season 4 of Seinfeld ran from August 1992 to May 1993, for a total of 24 episodes.

Except for The Trip, the Seinfeld logo is indigo over a sparkling oval.


# Title Directed By
Written By
Air Date
41 In-the-airport "The Trip, Part 1" Tom Cherones
Larry Charles
Aug. 12, 1992
When Jerry is asked to come on The Tonight Show in Los Angeles, George accompanies him to look for Kramer.
42 Seinfeld episode041 337x233 040420061508 "The Trip, Part 2" Tom Cherones
Larry Charles
Aug. 19, 1992
Kramer gets in trouble when he is mistaken for a serial killer. The three then travel back to New York after Kramer is found innocent.
43 Seinfeld episode043 337x233 040420061508 "The Pitch" Tom Cherones
Larry David
Sept. 16, 1992
NBC executives approach Jerry and George to write a pilot for a sitcom. Crazy Joe Davola starts to stalk both Jerry and Kramer.
44 TheTicket "The Ticket" Tom Cherones
Larry Charles
Sept. 16, 1992
Newman uses Kramer as his witness after he refuses to pay for a speeding ticket.
45 The wallet "The Wallet" Tom Cherones
Larry David
Sept. 23, 1992
Jerry is asked to explain to his parents why he does not wear the watch they gave him. Morty thinks his wallet is stolen out of the doctor's office.
46 316292 "The Watch" Tom Cherones
Larry David
Sept. 30, 1992
Jerry tries to buy his watch back from Uncle Leo while George tries to get the NBC deal back on. Elaine tries to plan a break up from her therapist with Kramer's help.
47 The Bubble Boy attacking George "The Bubble Boy" Tom Cherones
Larry David & Larry Charles
Oct. 7, 1992
Jerry agrees to visit a bubble boy on the way up to Susan's father's cabin but when Jerry gets lost with Elaine, George and Susan visit the bubble boy instead.
48 Cheever jpg 627x325 crop upscale q85 "The Cheever Letters" Tom Cherones
Larry David
Oct. 28, 1992
Jerry offends Elaine's assistant. Kramer makes a contact for Cuban cigars. A box of letters from John Cheever is all that remains after Susan's father's cabin burns down.
49 The-opera-picture "The Opera" Tom Cherones
Larry Charles
Nov. 4, 1992
Elaine realizes her boyfriend is actually Crazy Joe Davola. Then she, George and Jerry endure a night at the opera with a group of clowns.
50 The-virgin-picture "The Virgin" Tom Cherones
Peter Mehlman
Nov. 11, 1992
Jerry discovers the woman he is dating is a virgin. Kramer continues to harass Jerry and George when they are trying to write a teleplay for their pilot.
51 Seinfeldthecontestquiz "The Contest" Tom Cherones
Larry David
Nov. 18, 1992
George is caught masturbating by his mother causing a contest between the four of them to see who can go without "it" the longest. Elaine meets John F. Kennedy, Jr. George's mother is hospitalized and Jerry's girlfriend Marla wants to have sex which he has to prevent.
52 316298 "The Airport" Tom Cherones
Larry Charles
Nov. 25, 1992
Jerry and Elaine experience the differences of traveling in first class and coach. George and Kramer try to get to two airports after a flight is switched.
53 The pick "The Pick" Tom Cherones
Larry Charles
Dec. 16, 1992
Jerry is caught picking his nose by his new model girlfriend. Elaine sends a revealing Christmas card out.
54 The movie "The Movie" Tom Cherones
Steve Skrovan &
Bill Masters & Jon Hayman
Jan. 6, 1993
Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer keep missing each other when trying to meet for a movie.
55 The visa "The Visa" Tom Cherones
Peter Mehlman
Jan. 27, 1993
Jerry's attempts to get Babu Bhatt from being deported turn out unsuccessful. Elaine tries to get George's attorney girlfriend to drop a lawsuit.
56 The shoes "The Shoes" Tom Cherones
Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld
Feb. 4, 1993
Jerry and George lose their privileges at the pilot after Jerry and George sneak a look at the executive's daughter's cleavage. Elaine then tries to fix the mess.
57 The outing "The Outing" Tom Cherones
Larry Charles
Feb. 11, 1993
Jerry and George are mistaken for being homosexual by a college reporter and are outed.
58 Sid Fields "The Old Man" Tom Cherones
Larry Charles
Feb. 18, 1993
Jerry, George and Elaine volunteer to spend time with senior citizens.
59 The Implant "The Implant" Tom Cherones
Peter Mehlman
Feb.. 25, 1993
Jerry sends Elaine to find out if his new girlfriend Sidra's breasts are natural or implants. George double dips a chip at a funeral repast.
60 The junior mint "The Junior Mint" Tom Cherones
Andy Robin
March 18, 1993
Jerry is puzzled after he cannot remember the name of his girlfriend. Kramer drops a junior mint in the air during a surgery for Elaine's boyfriend.
61 The smelly car "The Smelly Car" Tom Cherones
Larry David & Peter Mehlman
April 15, 1993
A valet with bad body odor stinks up Jerry's car and anyone who comes in contact with him. George believes he drew Susan to become a lesbian.
62 The handicap spot "The Handicap Spot" Tom Cherones
Larry David
May 13, 1993
George parks his father's car in a handicap spot causing controversy when an angry mob destroys it. Elaine and Jerry buy a television as a wedding gift for "The Drake" but when the wedding is called off his fianceè.
63 The pilot part 1 "The Pilot, Part 1" Tom Cherones
Larry David
May 20, 1993
Jerry and George begin casting for their pilot, Jerry which is finally ready. George is upset over the casting of his alter ego. The NBC executive Russell becomes obsessed with Elaine.
64 Jerry "The Pilot, Part 2" Tom Cherones
Larry David
May 20, 1993
Jerry and George prepare for the taping of Jerry and each of the real life personas give tips to their TV alter egos. Elaine wears a disguise to hide from Russell. Kramer suffers bowel problems.
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