Season 5 of Seinfeld originally ran from September 1993 to May 1994. It is composed of 22 episodes.


# Title Directed By
Written By
Air Date
65 The Mango.png "The Mango" Tom Cherones
Larry David & Lawrence H. Levy
Sept. 16, 1993
George tells Jerry about his lack of confidence below "the equator" when he thinks that his girlfriend is "faking" it. Jerry begs Elaine for another chance when he finds out she faked her orgasms. Kramer gets banned from his favorite fruit shop.
66 The Puffy Shirt.png "The Puffy Shirt" Tom Cherones
Larry David
Sept. 23, 1993
George gets a job as a hand model and becomes obsessed with keeping his hands safe. Kramer's girlfriend asks Jerry to wear one of her new puffy pirate shirts on a Today Show appearance he is making.
67 The glasses.jpg "The Glasses" Tom Cherones
Tom Gammill & Max Pross
Sept. 30, 1993
Elaine gets bitten by a dog and becomes afraid of them. While not wearing his glasses, George thinks he sees Jerry's girlfriend kissing Jerry's cousin and Jerry tries to figure out if it's true.
68 The sniffing accountant.jpg "The Sniffing Accountant" Tom Cherones
Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld
Oct. 7, 1993
George's father gets him an interview as a bra salesman. Evidence points to Jerry's accountant being a drug user. So Jerry, Kramer and Newman set out to find out the truth. Elaine's new boyfriend is perfect except for his use of an exclamation point.
69 The bris.jpg "The Bris" Tom Cherones
Larry Charles
Oct. 14, 1993
George gets a great parking spot that becomes a target. Kramer thinks he has discovered a genetic engineering experiment, a "pig man". Elaine and Jerry are nervous agree to become godparents to a couple's newborn and also hold the baby during circumcision and getting a Mohel.
70 The lip reader.jpg "The Lip Reader" Tom Cherones
Carol Leifer
Oct. 28, 1993
Jerry dates a deaf U.S. Open line judge. Elaine cannot communicate with a limo driver. George wants to use Jerry's girlfriend to read the lips of his ex-girlfriend to find out what she is saying about him. Kramer becomes a ball man at the Open, when Monica Seles returns to tennis.
71 The nonfat yogurt.jpg "The Non-Fat Yogurt" Tom Cherones
Larry David
Nov. 4, 1993
Jerry and Elaine suspect that Kramer has made a bad investment in a non-fat yogurt shop, when they gain weight. Jerry accidentally uses the word "fuck" in front of Marydeth's son Matthew, who also begins using the word. George meets his old "friend" Lloyd Braun, whome Elaine begins dating and gives an idea for David Dinkins' mayoral campaign. Kramer's date with a lab technician results in strange test results for Rudy Giuliani.
72 The barber.jpg "The Barber" Tom Cherones
Andy Robin
Nov. 11, 1993
George is uncertain about whether his job interview was successful or not, so he decides to go into the office and act like an employee while the boss is on vacation. Jerry is reluctant to dump his barber when he is given a real bad haircut.
73 The masseuse.jpg "The Masseuse" Tom Cherones
Larry Charles
Nov. 18, 1993
Elaine meets a man who's name is the same as a notorious serial killer. Jerry can't get his masseuse girlfriend (Jennifer Coolidge) to give him a massage. George is obsessed when Jerry's girlfriend doesn't like him.
74 The cigar store indian.jpg "The Cigar Store Indian" Tom Cherones
Tom Gammill & Max Pross
Dec. 9, 1993
Jerry helps George out with a coffee table stain and makes Elaine take the subway home with a TV Guide in hand. While on the train Elaine meets a strange man obsessed with television. George meets a woman at a refinishing store and passes off his parent's home as his. Jerry presents Elaine with a cigar-store Indian as a peace offering. Kramer has an idea for a coffee table book.
75 The conversion.jpg "The Conversion" Tom Cherones
Bruce Kirschbaum
Dec. 16, 1993
George converts to Latvian Orthodox to keep his girlfriend who must break up with him for religious reasons. Jerry finds a tube of fungus cream in his girlfriend's medicine cabinet and fakes an illness until he can figure out what the cream is used for. Elaine dates a podiatrist. Kramer meets a Nun at George's church who becomes infatuated with him.
76 The stall.jpg "The Stall" Tom Cherones
Larry Charles
Jan. 6, 1994
A woman in a toilet stall refuses to give Elaine a piece of toilet paper. The woman turns out to be Jerry's girlfriend whose voice Kramer recognizes from a telephone sex line. Elaine's boyfriend, whose face she just loves, takes George & Kramer rock climbing. After his accident, Elaine isn't sure his face will be the same.
77 The dinner party.jpg "The Dinner Party" Tom Cherones
Larry David
Feb. 3, 1994
The gang struggles to find gifts for a dinner party. Jerry and Elaine stop at a bakery to get a babka, but they forget to take a number. Kramer and George try to get wine but must get change for a $100 dollar bill and wait for a double-parker to return to his car.
78 The Marine Biologist.jpg "The Marine Biologist" Tom Cherones
Ron Hague & Charlie Rubin
Feb. 10, 1994
Jerry meets an old college classmate who asked about George, whom Jerry says is now a "marine biologist." An Russian writer tosses an Elaine's electronic organizer out of a limousine that hits a woman in the head and sends her to hospital. Kramer takes up hitting golf balls into the ocean. George is called on to use his marine biology skills to save a whale.
79 The pie.jpg "The Pie" Tom Cherones
Tom Gammill & Max Pross
Feb. 17, 1994
Jerry's girlfriend Audrey won't share a piece of pie with him. There is a mannequin at a store that looks like Elaine and she inquires into where it came from. George is interested in a suit that he makes an enemy over. Kramer has an itch. George's new suit makes a noise.
80 The stand in.jpg "The Stand In" Tom Cherones
Larry David
Feb. 25, 1994
Kramer asks a midget into getting lifts, to keep his job. Jerry visits a friend, who's in need of a good laugh, at the hospital. George and his girlfriend have nothing to say to each other, he wants to break up, but won't when he finds out she is being urged to break it off. One of Jerry's friends "takes it out" while on a date with Elaine.
81 The wife.jpg "The Wife" Tom Cherones
Peter Mehlman
March 17, 1994
Jerry's girlfriend poses as his wife so she can get a dry cleaning discount. George pees in a health club shower and is afraid of being turned in after being seen. Elaine is getting mixed signals from a male friend who may be interested. Kramer's getting ready to impress his girlfriend's parents.
82 Aron.jpg "The Raincoats, Part 1" Tom Cherones
Tom Gammill & Max Pross &
Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld
April 28, 1994
Jerry's parents stay with him while they wait to go to Paris. George tries to get out of a big brother program. Elaine's latest boyfriend is a "close talker" who has a strange fascination with the Seinfelds. Kramer makes a deal with Jerry's father Morty to sell belt-less raincoats to a secondhand shop and George sells his father's moth-ridden cabana style clothing.
83 The raincoats pt 2.jpg "The Raincoats, Part 2" Tom Cherones
Tom Gammill & Max Pross &
Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld
April 28, 1994
Jerry and his girlfriend get some time alone at a movie, Schindler's List, they don't see it; however, Newman sees it and them. A delay in the shipment of the raincoats will make the Seinfelds miss their flight to France, George uses this as an opportunity to get his "little" brother back to his father.
84 The fire.jpg "The Fire" Tom Cherones
Larry Charles
May 5, 1994
Kramer brings his girlfriend to one of Jerry's shows, where she heckles him relentlessly. George's girlfriend's apartment catches on fire during her son's birthday party. Jerry gets revenge by heckling the woman at work and she severs her toe. Kramer finds the toe, takes a bus to the hospital and saves the passengers from a gunman. George tries to confront his feelings of cowardice.
85 The hamptons.jpg "The Hamptons" Tom Cherones
Peter Mehlman & Carol Leifer
May 12, 1994
Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer visit a house in the Hamptons. George has a bout with "shrinkage," Kramer steals lobsters, and Elaine is called "breathtaking" by a handsome doctor.
86 The opposide.jpg "The Opposite" Tom Cherones
Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld
May 19, 1994
George does the opposite of everything, his luck changes and everything begins to go his way including getting a girlfriend, a job with the Yankees and moving out of his parents house. Elaine starts seeing bad luck after she buys a box of "Jujyfruits." Kramer appears on Regis & Kathie Lee to promote his coffee table book. Elaine's eating of "Jujyfruits" causes Pendant Publishing to go under, and later she realizes that she and George have traded places.