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Seinimation is a series of cartoons of Seinfeld episodes. They were released on the Seinfeld DVDs as special features. They used audio from a set episode placed over a new "toon".



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# Title Directed and Animated By
01 Seinimation "The Big Race" Eric Yahnker
02 Seinimation "Seinfeld Noir" Eric Yahnker
03 Kramervs "Kramer vs. Monkey" Eric Yahnker
04 Seinimation "Dr. Cosmo on Marriage and Family" Eric Yahnker
05 Seinimation "George and the Whale" Eric Yahnker
06 DelBocaVista "The Del Boca Vista Express" Eric Yahnker
07 Toe "Pinky Toe's Wild Ride" Eric Yahnker
08 Seinimation "Thy Voice of Thee" Eric Yahnker
09 Seinimation theater "The Waiting Game" Eric Yahnker
10 Seinimation "Circus or Zoo" Eric Yahnker
11 Seinimation "Conquering the Van Wyck" Eric Yahnker

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