Sidra Holland is a woman whom Jerry Seinfeld dated in "The Implant".

She is very beautiful, but Elaine Benes tells Jerry that her breasts are fake. At first Jerry dismisses this and thinks nothing of it, but as usual, Jerry's neurosis gets the best of him and he obsesses over whether or not her breasts are real. Elaine was in a sauna at the gym with Sidra and she accidentally fell onto Sidra, inadvertently grabbing her breasts in order to break her fall. As a result of this, Elaine then determines that her breasts are in fact real, annoying Jerry. Sidra and Jerry's relationship ends badly because she thinks he sent Elaine into the sauna on purpose in order to find out if her breasts were real or not (which wasn't actually the case). Sidra's final line was "They're real, and they're spectacular."

In "The Pilot, Part 2," Sidra was seen watching the pilot to Jerry's show with Salman Rushdie. Sal asked if that was the same Jerry from their health club.

In "The Finale, Part 2," Sidra recapped about Elaine colliding with her in the sauna. She later ends up in a relationship with Jackie Chiles, who considers the relationship a positive outcome of the trial despite the four being found guilty. Chiles also confirms the original question by stating (Sidra's breasts) are "real, and they're spectacular!" before leaving.

Sidra Holland was portrayed by Teri Hatcher.

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