Steve is a man who throws a party at his house that George, Jerry and Elaine attend in "The Stranded". Steve was portrayed by Michael Chiklis.

George drags Jerry and Elaine to a party in Long Island, where they know no one, and the party is held at Steve and his wife's house. George spends time with a co-worker, Ava, while Jerry and Elaine are left by themselves at a party full of strangers. Eventually, George leaves the party with Ava, leaving Jerry and Elaine without a ride home. Jerry calls Kramer and asks him to pick them up. Kramer doesn't arrive until 2 in the morning, much to Steve's wife's annoyance. Jerry thanks Steve for letting them stay so long, and gives him his phone number and address and tells Steve to look him up if he's ever in the city. Later, Jerry gets a knock on his door, and it's Steve. At first Jerry doesn't recognize him, but he eventually remembers him. Steve wants to hang out, but Jerry is just leaving, so he lets Steve stay at his apartment until Steve's ride arrives to pick him up. Kramer comes in the apartment later, and he and Steve start drinking. Steve asks if Kramer knows any women they can call, and Kramer gives him the number to a prostitution service. When Jerry returns home later that night, he finds a drunken Steve and a prostitute named Patti demanding money from him. Steve leaves, forcing Jerry to pay the woman. As he does so, police officers enter his apartment and arrest him for soliciting prostitution.

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