Sue Ellen Mischke
Aliases The Bra-less Wonder

The Oh Henry! Candy Bar Heiress

Gender Female
First Appearance The Caddy
Last Appearance "The Betrayal"
Occupation "Heiress"
Portrayed by Brenda Strong

Sue Ellen Mischke is Elaine's nemesis whom she calls the "bra-less wonder". Sue Ellen is the heiress to the Oh Henry! candy bar fortune, and has known Elaine since they attended high school together in Maryland. Sue Ellen is portrayed by Brenda Strong.


In "The Caddy", Elaine is so incensed that Sue Ellen doesn't wear a bra that she gives her a bra as a gift, which Sue Ellen then promptly wears as a top. This causes Kramer to crash George's car when he and Jerry see her walking in her bra down the street. Kramer calls upon Jackie Chiles to help sue. Despite the suit, Jerry falls for her when she comes in his apartment. The courtroom scene that follows is a broad and obvious allusion to the O.J. Simpson trial, which ends when she tries the bra on, which does not fit.

In "The Bottle Deposit, Part 1", she bids up the price of a set of golf clubs once owned by John F. Kennedy, which Elaine's boss Jacopo Peterman had asked Elaine to buy at an auction, exceeding his limit.

In "The Betrayal", Sue Ellen invites Elaine (accompanied by Jerry and George) to India for her wedding to Pinter. Elaine and Sue Ellen briefly reconcile their animosity before it is revealed that Elaine once had a relationship with Sue Ellen's groom, which George blurts out in the middle of the wedding. After this, she does not marry Pinter Ranawat.


  • In the pilot for Happy Days, there is a character mentioned named Sue Ellen Mischke. It is unknown if this name is a reference or just coincidence.


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