TV Guide is an American magazine about television. It is referenced in "The Cigar Store Indian", in which Elaine's subplot for the episode revolves around TV Guide. Jerry suggests that she take Frank's copy of TV Guide to use as reading material on a subway ride home from George's parents' house. While reading it on the subway, she is bothered by obsessive Ricky, who finds it unusual that a woman is reading TV Guide so far from a television. When she gets off the subway train to escape, she leaves the magazine behind. Later, Ricky tracks her back to the Costanza home by using the mailing address on the magazine.

As well as being referred to in Seinfeld, the magazine has frequently mentioned the show through the years. And not just in the listings section, either: in 2002, they ranked Seinfeld #1 on their list of the 50 Greatest shows of all time.

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