"The Airport"
Season 4
Episode 52
Air Date November 25, 1992
Writer(s) Larry Charles
Director Tom Cherones
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"The Airport" is the 52nd episode of Seinfeld. It aired on November 25, 1992, in the show's fourth season.

It was directed by Tom Cherones and was written by Larry Charles.


Jerry and Elaine are flying back from St. Louis to New York after Jerry has performed a show and Elaine has visited her sister, while George and Kramer are assigned to the airport pickup. Upon arriving at their gate, Jerry and Elaine learn that their flight to JFK has been cancelled, but they manage to get two tickets to LaGuardia Airport. One of the tickets is for a first class seat, and the other ticket is for coach. Jerry immediately claims the first class ticket, saying that since Elaine has never flown first class, she won't even know what she's missing. Elaine experiences a noticeable disparity between the way she is treated, and the way Jerry is treated as a first class passenger. She has an uncomfortable ride in coach, while Jerry is in first class sitting next to a blonde model, Tia, drinking wine, and eating ice cream. The plane is eventually re-routed back to JFK mid-flight.

On the way to the airport, George buys a Time magazine because he thinks there is a blurb about him, while an escaped convict who has recently been caught tries to buy the same magazine because his picture is on the front cover. Kramer thinks he sees an old roommate who owes him $240, and goes to confront the man on his plane; when he does so the man does not recognize him and Kramer is promptly removed from the plane. Elaine's bag ends up in Honolulu instead of at JFK, because she was mean to the baggage handler, and he purposely put her bag on the wrong cart before the flight. George gets trapped in an airplane bathroom before take-off by the criminal who wanted his Time magazine. The final scene shows George stuck on the plane, heading to some unknown location, yelling at Kramer who convinced him to board the plane in the first place. 

Notes about Nothing

  • Creator Larry David makes a voice cameo on the plane, claiming he ordered the kosher meal, but did not take it, so Elaine was stuck with it.
  • Writer Larry Charles makes a brief appearance as a man coming out of the airplane bathroom while Elaine is waiting to use it. 
  • George references Bette Davis in What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? when he rebuffs the convict at the airport shop: "But ye are Blanche, ye are in the shackles."
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