"The Boyfriend, Part 2"
Season 3
Episode 35
Air Date February 12, 1992
Writer(s) Larry David

Larry Levin

Director Tom Cherones
The Boyfriend, Part 1 · The Limo
“The Boyfriend, Part 2” is Episode 18 of Season 3, and it first aired February 12, 1992. It is the second half of a two-part episode, following "The Boyfriend, Part 1". It was written by Larry David and Larry Levin, and was directed by Tom Cherones.


Jerry becomes increasingly jealous of Elaine's relationship with Keith Hernandez. At first he was jealous of Elaine getting to spend time with Keith, but then he becomes jealous of Keith dating Elaine. As Jerry puts it, he's "jealous of everybody." Elaine and Keith are really hitting it off as a couple, but Elaine begins to have her doubts about Keith due to his smoking, and ultimately breaks up with him. Keith asks Jerry to help him move his furniture, taking their friendship to the next level. Jerry, however, feels uncomfortable about this, as he barely knows Keith. Jerry decides to decline to help him move, effectively "breaking up" with Keith as well.

Meanwhile, while Keith is in Jerry's apartment, Kramer and Newman storm in and confront Keith about the spitting incident that occurred in 1987. Keith remembers the incident very well, but recalls that his teammate Roger McDowell was standing in the area where the "second spitter" was most likely to have been. McDowell must have been the second spitter, and Newman recalls that they must have angered him when they poured beer on his head. Having forgiven Keith, Kramer and Newman enthusiastically offer to help him move his furniture.

George, having had his Vandelay Industries scheme thwarted, begins telling Mrs. Sokol how attractive he finds her daughter, although, of course, he's lying. She offers to give him her daughter's phone number, and George, feigning disbelief, accepts. George takes her on a few dates, one date being at McDonald's. George is clearly not particularly interested in the woman, but she ends up breaking up with him, stating that he has no job, or prospects. As she storms out of the car, George begs her not to tell her mother about this. George goes back to the unemployment office, about to have his unemployment benefits taken away. He notices an autographed baseball on Mrs. Sokol's desk, and finds out that she's a big Mets fan. In one final last-ditch effort, George claims to be good friends with Keith Hernandez, and says he can bring him back to the office to meet her within the hour. George races to Jerry's place to get Keith, but he just misses him, solidifying that he will indeed lose his unemployment.

Notes About Nothing

  • This is the first episode where the audience applauds during Michael Richards (Kramer)'s first appearance. It will go on for a while.
  • George is compared to Biff Loman in this episode. He was previously compared to Biff in "The Subway".


  • "Hello? Oh, hi, Elaine. What's going on? No, he just left. You broke up with him? Me, too." - Jerry
  • "You gotta see the baby!" - Jerry and Elaine

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