"The Bubble Boy"
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Season 4
Episode 47
Air Date October 7, 1992
Writer(s) Larry David, Larry Charles
Director Tom Cherones
The Watch · The Cheever Letters
“The Bubble Boy” is the seventh episode of the fourth season of Seinfeld, and the name of its title character. Written by Larry David and Larry Charles and directed by Tom Cherones, it first aired on October 7, 1992.


A dad, Mel Sanger, comes to Jerry at Monk's (while driving his Yoo-hoo delivery truck) and asks him to appear at his house for his son, Donald, who is a huge fan of Jerry. Donald lives in a plastic bubble, making Jerry and Elaine feel sorry for him. George and Susan decide to stay in Susan's father's cabin for a week, which is near Donald's house. On the way there, Jerry figures he and Elaine will just follow George and Susan, who are in front of them, to get there. However, George's usual attitude wants him to get to the cabins quickly, and Jerry and Elaine lose sight of him. Meanwhile, Kramer's Cuban cigars get him a membership at a country club, and he heads to the same cabin where George and Susan are. Jerry and Elaine stop at a diner and ask a waitress how to get to the bubble boy, who is popular in his hometown's house, but she is too concerned about getting Jerry's autograph and putting it on the wall. George decides to see the bubble boy, but Donald is really an adult living with his parents who is very bossy and angry. Donald is mean to George and Susan when they come to his room and forces them to play Trivial Pursuit with him until Jerry gets there. In this classic moment, George asks Donald this question: "Who invaded Spain in the eighth century?" Donald answers, "The Moors." That is correct, but George purposely annoys him by telling him that the correct answer is "The Moops". Donald asks George to let him see the card, which George does. Donald points out the misprint. George says, “I’m sorry. The card says ‘Moops’.” This causes Donald to fly into a rage. He strangles George, getting so angry that his bubble pops. Susan popped his bubble by mistake, but she made George look guilty. When Jerry finally arrives, Donald yells at him in the ambulance and an angry mob chases everyone. The show ends with Kramer accidentally destroying Susan’s father’s cabin with one of his carelessly placed (and burning) Cuban cigars, which Susan’s father had given to George (who then gave them to Kramer).


Jerry says, "I love Yoo-hoo," to which Mel Sanger replies (absolutely deadpan), "Yes, it's a fine product."

Notes About Nothing

  • The "Moors/Moops" incident (which will be revisited in “The Finale”) is based on an actual error spotted by one of the writers while playing the home edition of Jeopardy!
  • The episode is also inspired by the "Boy in the bubble" trope in American pop culture.

The Bubble Boy

The Bubble Boy is never actually shown throughout the episode. He is described as an anemic who has to live in a quarantine. The bubble is not like an igloo but rather like a "thin film of plastic separating the room".

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