"The Cadillac, Part 2" is the 15th episode of the seventh season of Seinfeld, and the 125th episode overall. This episode first aired on February 8, 1996, and is the second part of a two-part, hour-long episode; the first part is "The Cadillac, Part 1".


Elaine Benes calls Jerry Seinfeld in Florida and tells him she wants to come and join him, but Jerry demurs. Cosmo Kramer continues to avoid the cable guy. George Costanza's obsession with Marisa Tomei makes Susan Ross suspicious. George obtains Marisa's phone number and works with Elaine to create a cover story involving Elaine and her fictitious "boyfriend", Art Vandelay. In a scene that is a nearly exact inversion of the walking date in "The Soup", George meets up with Marisa Tomei and they have a similar date in the park. Marisa is initially enchanted by George but when he tells her he is engaged, she is furious with him, decking him and storming off. Susan suspects George is having an affair with Elaine and questions her regarding his whereabouts. Controlling herself (having initially burst out into spontaneous laughter), Elaine answers the questions. The answers follow the cover story they agreed on earlier, but Susan trips her up on one of the questions and is still suspicious and asks another question they hadn't anticipated. After Susan leaves, Elaine frantically tries to contact George so he will be able to give a matching answer to the question. George returns to the apartment and is met by Susan who asks the same question. George gives a wrong answer and receives his second decking that day.

Morty is relying on the vote of Mabel Choate to save him from impeachment. Mabel is coincidentally the same woman from whom Jerry stole the marble rye ("The Rye"). The vote is reversed when Mabel hears Jack Klompus refer to her as an "old bag," triggering her memory of the incident when Jerry had used that same epithet on her. Having lost her vote Morty is impeached. As a result, Herb swears in Jack Klompus as the new condo president.

The cable guy repeatedly tries to confront Kramer, but he always gets away in spoofs of Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo. The cable guy finally concedes defeat and apologizes on behalf of cable guys everywhere, promising better service. Kramer appears and has an emotional reconciliation with the cable guy.

In the final scene, Morty and Helen leave the condo in a scene spoofing Nixon leaving the White House. Some of the condo inhabitants see him off where some of them are in tears while Morty drives off.

Notes About Nothing

  • George and Elaine's discussion about Art Vandelay and his importing/exporting profession is very similar to the exchange that George and Jerry had in "The Stake Out" while also discussing the fictitious Art Vandelay.
  • This is the last episode that Jerry Seinfeld co-writes.
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