"The Cafe"
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Season 3
Episode 24
Air Date November 6, 1991
Writer(s) Tom Leopold
Director Tom Cherones
The Parking Garage · The Tape

“The Cafe” is the 24th episode of Seinfeld. It is the seventh episode of Season Three. It originally aired on November 6, 1991. It was written by Tom Leopold and directed by Tom Cherones.


When a new cafe, the Dream Cafe, opens across the street, Jerry decides to be the first customer. He tells the owner, Babu Bhatt, to change the cafe to an authentic Pakistani restaurant, because currently he is getting no business. When he changes the style and food, he still has no business, and blames Jerry.

To prove his knowledge, George agrees to take an IQ test, which his new girlfriend Monica (played by Dawn Arnemann) will grade for her education class. George is worried so he gets Elaine to take the test for him and then pass it to him through the window. The first time she does it, she gets an IQ score of 85 since she completed it when distracted in a loud restaurant. The second time, she completes it and scores 151, but Monica discovers the scam.

Notes About Nothing


  • Kramer mentions a man wanting a jacket back that he left at his mother's place two years ago. In the last episode, "The Parking Garage", he tells the story of getting the jacket to George. In the next episode, "The Tape", Kramer mentions the man again, saying he has been put in jail for mail fraud.


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