"The Cheever Letters"
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Season 4
Episode 48
Air Date October 28, 1992
Writer(s) Larry David
Director Tom Cherones
The Bubble Boy · The Opera
“The Cheever Letters” is the 8th episode of season four and the 48th episode of Seinfeld overall; it first aired on October 28, 1992. It was written by Larry David and was directed by Tom Cherones.


George dreads telling Susan's parents that their cabin was burned down due to the cigars they gave him, which he then had given to Kramer.

Meanwhile, Elaine convinces Jerry to apologize to Sandra, a woman he offended, and they end up arranging to go on a date, but when he crosses the line when talking dirty, she storms out of his apartment.

In the Ross’ apartment, Jerry & George are there when a courier brings the "only remains" from the cabin fire. It turns out to be a box of letters between Susan's father and John Cheever detailing a gay love affair the two had sometime in the past. Susan reads part of a letter out loud that reveals very embarrassing information. Her father rips the letters from her hands and says, “I loved him deeply, in a way you could never understand.” Jerry and George awkwardly exit.

Kramer must find more Cuban cigars in order to be admitted to an exclusive golf club. To do this, he goes to the Cuban embassy, where they refuse to hand over the cigars until one of the diplomats notices Kramer's jacket. Kramer is later seen with the diplomats about to go golfing.


Jerry and George are discussing the dirty talk his latest date was using.  As Jerry whispers what she was saying, George squirts the ketchup across the diner!  (leading into...)

Jerry: So, she's talking about her panties, so,, I said, "You mean the panties your mother laid out for you?"
George: "The panties your mother laid out for you?" What does that mean?
Jerry: I don't know! It just popped out.
George: Well, how did she react?
Jerry: She flipped out! Just left.
George: Well, that's not offensive. It's abnormal, but it's not offensive.

Elaine: "Maybe I'll go visit my mother. She just bought me some new panties and they're - all laid out for me."

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