"The Dinner Party" is the 77th episode in the fifth season of Seinfeld. Originally airing on February 3, 1994, it was written by Larry David and was directed by Tom Cherones.


In this episode, Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer are attending a dinner party at their mutual friend's apartment. George is upset at the fact that they must first stop off to purchase a bottle of wine for the party, as he just wants to be invited and have a good time, but instead they will be mad "because they didn't bring anything"; Jerry states that the fabric of society is very complex.

On the way to pick up the wine, Elaine suggests that they buy a dessert for the party. Kramer and George go to buy the wine and Jerry and Elaine go to purchase the dessert. In the liquor store, George is unable to pay for the wine as he only has a $100 bill and the cashier tells him that he can't break that much money, causing the two to go looking for a way to break the bill.

Jerry and Elaine decide on a chocolate babka, and in doing so, forget to take a number in line, and are forced to wait. Asking another couple for their spot in line, they are told they cannot have it as they did not know that they came in before the other couple did. After an exchange of words, Elaine and Jerry recognize the two as a couple they know and are embarrassed to find out that they are attending the same party that the four are. The couple purchases a chocolate babka, and the cashier tells them that it is their last one. Jerry and Elaine buy a cinnamon babka, and then Jerry buys a 'black and white cookie', and states that the world would be a better place if everybody 'looked to the cookie', a reference to racial harmony. Elaine sees that there's hair in the babka, So she and Jerry show it to the Cashier Woman, who then coughs in disgust after seeing the Hair covered babka, Then they buy another cinnamon babka.

George and Kramer finally break the $100 bill, but upon buying the wine, they are blocked in by a double parker, and are unable to pick up Jerry and Elaine. After waiting for an undetermined amount of time, George thinks he sees the parker, and yells at him for blocking them in, when in fact it is not his car.

Jerry states that he doesn't feel quite right, and that he might vomit, causing Elaine to remind him of his infamous 'vomit streak'. Jerry states that the streak is about to end: “Fourteen years down the drain.”

George and Kramer finally get out of the double parking debacle after Saddam Hussein moves his car.

George and Kramer come by the bakery to pick up Jerry and Elaine. The four are so tired after the long wait and circumstances that they go to the party and drop off the dessert and leave immediately.

Notes about Nothing


  • When in the Royal Bakery, Jerry's Black and White cookie constantly switches colors and the number of bites also changes.
  • It is impossible for Jerry and Elaine to have been number 49 in the bakery. While they were figuring out what to do, multiple people grab numbers, and the people they argue with were number 47. The smallest their number could have been would have been in the 50s.
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