“The Friar's Club” is the 128th episode of NBC sitcom Seinfeld. This was the 18th episode for the seventh season. It aired on March 7, 1996. It was written by David Mandel and was directed by Andy Ackerman.


George successfully delays his wedding until late June, three months after it was supposed to take place. Jerry goes out with Susan's best friend. Jerry loses a jacket he borrowed for dinner at the Friar's Club. Kramer tries polyphasic sleep, also known as Da Vinci sleep. J. Peterman hires a partially deaf employee named Bob Grossberg (Rob Schneider). Elaine suffers the consequences when she gets loaded with most of his work, due to his poor hearing. Elaine questions Bob's disability and coerces Jerry to test him. The results are inconclusive, and Elaine has some fun testing him by swearing her love for him. Peterman overhears, and gives them two tickets to the magic show where Jerry lost his jacket the night before. Elaine is pressured to attend by Peterman, who suspects Elaine's remarks to Bob Grossberg were not sincere. Kramer is dating Connie (Lisa Arch), who never wants to leave his apartment. After Kramer falls asleep on her during a make-out session, she thinks that he's dead and calls some mobster-type friends of hers to "get rid" of him. Kramer is subsequently dumped into the East River in a sack. At the magic show, Jerry eventually finds the magicians who he believes took his Friar's Club Jacket, and when he rips it from their hands, he finds that the jacket isn't his. The magicians had given the real Friar's Club jacket back to Jerry's girlfriend. Furious at Jerry, the magicians chase him and George backstage. Meanwhile, when Elaine's date, Bob, is being kicked out for nearly groping her and accidentally drops his hearing aid, Elaine takes the opportunity to try it on. Jerry, sprinting away from the magicians, seeks the emergency exit. The alarm sounds, and the hearing aid in Elaine's ear explodes with a high-pitched, constant screech. In the final scene, Kramer and the police show up at Connie's door. Connie opens the door; Kramer points her out to one of the officers. That officer informs Connie that she is under arrest. She denies doing anything wrong, but the officer tells her that he is taking her away. She asks if she can call her lawyer; the officer allows her. When he answers his phone, Connie tells him to meet her at the police station. Her lawyer, who happens to be Jackie Chiles, asks her whom she was accused of attempting to murder. Upon learning that Kramer is the person in question, Jackie says, “I don’t want nothing to do with it.” He hangs up, ending the episode.

Notes About Nothing

  • The Flying Sandos Brothers are played by The Flying Karamazov Brothers.
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