"The Frogger"
Season 9
Episode 174
Air Date April 23, 1998
Writer(s) Andy Robin

Gregg Kavet
Steve Koren
Dan O'Keefe

Director Andy Ackerman
The Bookstore · The Maid

“The Frogger” is the eighteenth episode of the ninth and final season of Seinfeld, and the 174th episode overall. This episode first aired on April 23, 1998.


The episode begins as Elaine is sick of celebrations at work. One of her employees is having his last day....on his everyone will wish for him to do good on his next job. The leaving employee tries to give Elaine cake, but she refuses. She later tells Jerry that she's just not the festive kind of person. Later, George and Jerry go inside their old pizza place hangout, as it is closing. George finds an old Frogger machine from the 1980s that he got a record-breaking high score on. He makes a kid lose on it so he can see his old high score of nearly 860,000 points. He remembered that he had just the right amount of cheese pizza grease on the joystick then. George plans to buy the machine from the store's owner, which the grouchy owner allows. Meanwhile, Jerry is dating a girl who finishes his sentences for him. Also, Kramer warns Jerry about a criminal who is cutting off people's heads that looks like him, nicknamed "The Lopper". Elaine is even more sick about celebrations; she takes a day off, but that's even worse as the next day, her employees sing a get well song. Elaine takes her steam off by going to Peterman's office and eating a cake in his mini-fridge. Meanwhile, George is trying to take the arcade system to his apartment. Kramer has got his sworn enemy to help George, only because this guy is the best guy around. The guy steals a battery to put inside the system, so now George just has to cross the street. Meanwhile, the cake that Elaine ate turns out to have been worth nearly $300,000 because a prince ate a bite of it in 1931. Now, Elaine goes to the diner and asks a waitress if she has a really old cake there. She replaces a cake that she got there with the valuable cake, but when Peterman tries to sell it to a historian, he tells him it is only worth $2. Back to Jerry, he tries to break up with his girlfriend, although he brings a bat because The Lopper has been attacking on her street. They yell and break up for nearly 10 hours, so now Jerry tries to go home....but he sees a shadow coming and he begs his ex to let him back in and if she does, he will date her again, and that's what happened. Back to George, he is now trying to get the Frogger machine to his apartment and across the street. He looks at his car situation, trying to avoid cars, like a game of Frogger. Here, George notes that he has "done this before". However, a big hauling truck is coming and if George doesn't move, he might get run over. He leaps onto the sidewalk and his arcade game gets crushed. The end results in Peterman talking to Elaine about the cake situation and warning her about the dangers of eating a 6-decade-old cake.

Notes About Nothing

  • This episode was originally going to be titled "The Cake Parties".
  • When George jumps on the sidewalk as he is almost hit, that was actually Jason Alexander doing his own stunts. A large shard of the Frogger game nearly hits him in the head, though.
  • The sound effects during George's moving of the machine are actual sounds from Frogger, played in time with his movements. The sound that plays shortly after the machine is smashed by a truck is the "squash" sound when the frog is hit by a vehicle during the game.
  • Most of scenes deleted from this episode involved Kramer attracting a new "long distance" girlfriend; this carries over to the next episode "The Maid".
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