"The Hamptons"
The hamptons
Season 5
Episode 85
Air Date May 12, 1994
Writer(s) Peter Mehlman
Carol Leifer
Director Tom Cherones
The Fire · The Opposite

"The Hamptons" is the 21st episode of the fifth season of Seinfeld and the 85th episode overall. This episode was written by Peter Mehlman and Carol Leifer and it was directed by Tom Cherones. It was originally broadcast on NBC in the United States on May 12, 1994.


The four principal characters travel to the Hamptons to see a baby; they find that the baby is altogether ugly. While on the beach, Kramer finds a filled lobster trap and thinks the catch is his, unaware that it's a commercial lobster trap. George's girlfriend (Melora Walters) goes sun tanning topless while he goes out to get tomatoes. He is then seen naked by Jerry's girlfriend Rachel (Melanie Smith), to whom he tries in vain to explain that, having just gotten out of the cold water, he is a victim of penile "shrinkage."

Elaine is thrilled to be described as "breathtaking" by a doctor (guest star Richard Burgi) until she finds he uses the same adjective to describe the baby. Rachel tells George's girlfriend about his "shrinkage" and she leaves. At breakfast, George gets revenge on Rachel by tricking her into eating lobster omelet, which is not kosher. Kramer then gets arrested for lobster poaching and must pick up garbage on the side of the road.

Critical Analysis

A blog dedicated to the legality of the issues that arise in Seinfeld episodes, Seinfeld Law, analyzed whether Jane violated public exposure laws by appearing topless on the beach.

Notes About Nothing

  • The working title for this episode was "The Ugly Baby".
  • The episode has been credited with giving "new meaning to the word 'shrinkage'". Seinfeld writer Peter Mehlman took credit for introducing the word, with apparently enthusiastic approval from Larry David. Conversely, Peter gave Larry credit for "sponge-worthy", the catchword from "The Sponge". The word was later used in a Budweiser commercial and cited as a testament to the show's influence.
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