"The Highlights of 100, Part 2"
The highlights of 100 part 2
Season 6
Episode 101
Air Date February 2, 1995
Writer(s) Peter Mehlman
Director Andy Ackerman
The Highlights of 100, Part 1 · The Beard

"The Highlights of 100, Part 2" is the 15th episode of the sixth season of Seinfeld, and the 101st episode overall. This episode first aired on February 2, 1995 and is the second part of a two part, hour long episode with the first part being "The Highlights of 100, Part 1".

"Off The Subject"

Character Clips


  • "The Apartment" - Jerry and George arguing over which one of them is the bigger idiot
  • "The Handicap Spot" - Kramer asking Jerry and George if he is a "hipster doofus"
  • "The Smelly Car" - Elaine wondering if she's not as attractive as she thinks
  • "The Outing" - Jerry and George insisting that they aren't gay ("Not that there's anything wrong with that")
  • "The Mango" - Elaine admitting that she faked her orgasms with Jerry
  • "The Visa" - George: "I'm disturbed, I'm depressed, I'm inadequate - I got it all!"
  • "The Opposite" - Elaine worries that she's becoming George
  • "The Opposite" - George enacting his new policy of doing the opposite of what his instincts tell hi

"Catch Phrases"


  • "The Shoes" - Russell Dalrymple with an upset stomach discussing the "Jerry" script with Jerry and George
  • "The Subway" - Kramer stumbling to get a seat on the subway
  • "The Sniffing Accountant" - Kramer smoking and drinking at the same time
  • "The Opera" - Kramer singing opera
  • "The Pie" - Olive scratching Kramer's itch
  • "The Wallet" - Kramer screaming with his hair on fire
  • "The Glasses" - Kramer diving after Jerry's plummeting air conditioner
  • "The Marine Biologist" - Kramer playing golf at the beach
  • "The Contest" - The instigation of the contest


  • "The Fire" - George fleeing like a coward from the fire
  • "The Bubble Boy" - Jerry's apathetic reaction to the plight of the bubble boy
  • "The Nose Job" - Kramer: "You're as pretty as any of them; you just need a nose job."
  • "The Alternate Side" - Elaine feeding her 60-year-old stroke-stricken boyfriend
  • "The Pony Remark" - Jerry's pony remark
  • "The Bubble Boy" - George asking Susan for recompense for the tolls as the cabin burns down
  • "The Opposite" - Jake Jarmel learning that Elaine stopped off for Jujyfruits
  • "The Pony Remark" - Jerry: "Who figures an immigrant's gonna have a pony?"
  • "The Junior Mint" - Kramer dropping the Junior Mint into the operating area


  • "The Junior Mint" - "It's a Junior Mint!"
  • "The Virgin" - "Snapple?" "No thanks."
  • "The Pez Dispenser" - "Pez?"
  • "The Opposite" - "Box of Jujyfruits?"
  • "The Dinner Party" - "Clark Bar."
  • "The Bubble Boy" - "I love Yoo Hoo."
  • "The Big Salad" - "Ooh, Chunkies."
  • "The Dinner Party" - "Chocolate babka."
  • "The Dinner Party" - "It's Gore-Tex."
  • "The Wife" - "Cashmere?" "No, Gore-Tex."
  • "The Junior Mint" - "Who's gonna turn down a Junior Mint? It's chocolate, it's peppermint - it's delicious!"
  • "The Marine Biologist" - George recounts the incredible story of how he rescued the beached whale
  • "The Pitch/The Ticket" - Jerry finally subscribes to the idea of a "show about nothing"
  • "The Parking Garage" - Kramer's car refusing to start
  • "The Chinese Restaurant" - "Seinfeld, four!"
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