"The Implant"
The Implant
Season 4
Episode 59
Air Date February 25, 1993
Writer(s) Peter Mehlman
Director Tom Cherones
The Old Man · The Junior Mint

"The Implant" is the 19th episode of the fourth season of Seinfeld, and the 59th of the entire series. It originally broadcast on February 25, 1993.

The episode was written by Peter Mehlman and was directed by Tom Cherones.


At the gym, Jerry talks with Sidra, a beautiful (and busty) girl with whom he has gone out on a date. They schedule another date. As she walks away, Elaine arrives and is convinced that Sidra's breasts are probably just implants. Jerry disagrees, but his curiosity makes him ask Elaine to spy on her in the sauna. She does, and when Sidra takes off her towel, Elaine thinks Sidra's breasts look far too good to be real, so they must be fake. She tells Jerry this, and he gets upset about dating a woman with (supposedly) fake breasts, and cancels their next date. Elaine returns to the sauna the next day, and Sidra happens to enter. They begin talking, but Elaine trips on her way to shake hands with Sidra and accidentally grabs onto Sidra's breasts to break her fall. After telling Jerry of this, Elaine confesses that she's now convinced Sidra's breasts aren't implants - they simply felt way too real. After hearing this, Jerry decides to ask Sidra back out again. At Jerry's apartment, Sidra and Jerry talk and start to get intimate. Kramer interrupts, and Elaine enters the apartment, not knowing Sidra was there. Sidra thinks that Jerry sent Elaine to feel her breasts, and storms out claiming that her breasts are real.

At the same time, George is having problems with the new woman he is seeing, Betsy. She always sits on his right side, but he can only make a move when a woman is on his left, so he can use his right hand. At her place, he forcibly gets his way onto her right, but she gets up to answer the phone, where she receives news her aunt has died. Jerry and Kramer tell him he has to go to the funeral, because his presence could accelerate their relationship, whereas her sitting on his right has caused it to stall. He buys an expensive plane ticket and is informed that if he brings a copy of the death certificate, he will get 50% back. At the funeral, the family doctor agrees to give George a copy of the death certificate, and Betsy is acting like they are a couple, agreeing when he says the word "boyfriend". However, when George double-dips a chip, Betsy's brother Timmy chastises him. George defies Timmy and double-dips again. Timmy then picks a fight with George. Betsy breaks up with George because of the fight. Upon arrival in NY, George can't get his 50% refund because he gives the airline a Polaroid photo of himself with the casket, instead of the certificate.

Meanwhile, Kramer thinks he sees famous author Salman Rushdie at the gym. The next time he visits the health club, he follows him into the sauna. The two talk and even though he introduces himself as Sal Bass, Kramer still thinks it is him. Later, he gets George to let him earn airlines points when he buys his ticket to the funeral. With the points, Kramer buys a ticket to Puerto Rico. He interrupts Jerry and Sidra, causing Elaine to enter the apartment.

Guest Stars

  • Teri Hatcher ... Sidra Holland
  • Megan Mullally ... Betsy
  • Carol Rosenthal ... Ticket Clerk #1
  • Donald Bishop ... Dr. Allenwood
  • Tony Amendola ... Salman Rushdie / Sal Bass
  • Kieran Mulroney ... Timmy
  • Peggy Stewart ... Aunt May
  • Bruce Ed Morrow ... Father Jessup (as Bruce E. Morrow)
  • Susan Beaubian ... Ticket Clerk #2

Notes About Nothing

  • Teri Hatcher's closing line, “They’re real, and they’re spectacular!”, is repeated word for word by Jackie Chiles in “The Finale”.
  • In the episode, Jerry remarks to Elaine that George is unable to make a move on a woman with his left hand, because George is right-handed. However, in several previous episodes George is seen writing with his left hand, presumably because Jason Alexander is left-handed.
  • The episode did get mentioned in etiquette columns that George's behavior was in poor taste, and that double-dipping is considered rude at parties and social gatherings as it spreads the risk of contagious disease.
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