"The Letter"
Season 3
Episode 38
Air Date March 25, 1992
Writer(s) Larry David
Director Tom Cherones
The Good Samaritan · The Parking Space

"The Letter" is the 21st episode of the third season of Seinfeld, and 38th overall. It first aired on March 25, 1992.


Jerry Seinfeld's new girlfriend, Nina West, uses Kramer as a model for her painting, which elderly art collectors fall in love with. George reluctantly buys a $500 painting at Nina's art show, after being offered her father's Owner's Box tickets to a Yankee game.

Elaine Benes tells her boss, Mr. Lippman, that she cannot attend his son's bris because she needs to take care of her sick father. In reality, she wants to go to the Yankee game with the boys. When she is evicted from the Owner's Box for wearing an Orioles cap, the picture of her being evicted is published in the newspaper and her boss sees it. In the box, Jerry and Nina have an argument and break up.

Notes About Nothing

The film that Nina plunders for her letter to Jerry is Chapter Two (1979) directed by Robert Moore and starring James Caan. Elaine also mentions Neil Simon who wrote the script.


  • "I don't get art ... It always has to be explained to me then I have to have someone explain the explanation." - George
  • "I'm a great clicker, great instincts. How dare you impugn my clicking? ... George can't click!" - Jerry