For the rooster, see Little Jerry.

“The Little Jerry” was the 145th episode of Seinfeld, which aired during the eighth season. It originally aired on January 9, 1997, and was written by Jennifer Crittenden and directed by Andy Ackerman.


At Monk's, Kramer tells Jerry that the owner of a nearby bodega, Marcelino (Miguel Sandoval), posted one of Jerry's bounced checks on his cash register, along with the other bad ones. The check has a picture of a clown holding balloons.

At this moment, George walks into the restaurant, in a very happy mood. He explains that The Susan Ross Foundation made a large donation to a women's prison, and he gets to go there to "check it out." Elaine then makes an entrance, introducing her new boyfriend Kurt (John Michael Higgins), who shaves his head.

Jerry goes to the bodega where his check is, and pays Marcelino what he owes. Marcelino, however, refuses to take the check down under "store policy." George goes to the women's prison, and meets the warden: Betsy (Kathryn Joosten), but is disappointed as to how tame and peaceful the building is. George then proceeds to ask "out" the prison's librarian, Celia (Andrea Bendewald), finding many pros with dating a woman who's in jail.

Kramer announces that he bought what he thinks is a hen (whom he named "Little Jerry Seinfeld") for its eggs, but later finds out that it is a rooster. Meanwhile, Elaine is thoroughly disappointed in Kurt's bald head after seeing the hair he could have if he didn't keep shaving it off. She persuades him to regrow his hair, but is even more shocked to discover that he's going bald. After a pep talk from George, Kurt soon proposes to Elaine in order to have as much time with her as possible before he goes completely bald.

Marcelino convinces Kramer to put Little Jerry in a cock fight, which he winds up winning. Marcelino then makes a deal with Jerry: he'll take his check down only if he can have Little Jerry. Kramer strongly opposes this transaction, though. When George finds out that Celia is up for parole, he desperately tries to put a stop to it, judging that he interacts with her better when she's in prison. He succeeds in preventing her from getting the parole, but doesn't stop her from unexpectedly breaking out, which she does later on.

One of the last scenes in this episode takes place at the cockfight, where Little Jerry is faced with a huge and skilled opponent. Kramer dives after Little Jerry, trying to protect him, but winds up getting violently pecked (off-screen) by the opposing bird.

Celia is soon tracked down and arrested, and Kurt is also arrested after being mistaken for George because of his baldness. We then see Elaine visiting him in jail due to his fighting one of the arresting officers, and returns his engagement ring after finding out that by the time he gets out (10 – 14 months), he'll be permanently bald.

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