"The Mango" is the first episode of Season Five of Seinfeld and the 65th episode overall. It was written by Larry David and Lawrence H. Levy; this episode was directed by Tom Cherones. Its original airdate was September 16, 1993.


George and Karen at dinner.

At the diner, Jerry helps George realize that he is in love with his new girlfriend Karen. George comments that everything is going well with the small exception that he can't pleasure her "below the equator". George then freaks out and wonders if she had faked all of her orgasms with him. Elaine joins them and overhears the word "faked". George asks if she has ever faked any, to which she confesses she has. A cocky Jerry insists she never faked it with him, but she informs him that she in fact never had an orgasm with him.

An upset Kramer

Back at this apartment, Jerry mopes about Elaine's revelation. Kramer offers to help, but Jerry, appalled, declines. Elaine calls and although Jerry doesn't want to see her because he is still sour, she still manages to convince him to have dinner. Kramer bites into a peach in Jerry's kitchen only to find it spoiled. At Joe's fruit stand, Kramer complains about the peach and is then banned from Joe's shop. On his date, George is upset by Karen who is seemingly having an orgasm by eating her risotto. Jerry is having the same problem with Elaine and her ice cream. Jerry begs Elaine to give him 30 minutes so that he can prove his worth, but she refuses stating that sex will ruin their friendship. At Karen's apartment, George lies in bed with Karen and apologizes that he is unable to perform. In his car, Jerry fights with Elaine and mocks her for faking her emotions.

A sullen George in bed with Karen

Back home, George complains about his malfunctioning equipment and blames Jerry for psyching him out about Karen faking it. Kramer enters and manages to convince Jerry to buy fruit from him, but Joe recognizes Kramer's peculiar shopping list and bans him too. They manage to get George to buy all their fruit and George complains when neither Kramer nor George has cash to pay him. Kramer offers him some mango to appease him. George eats the mango and believes his equipment has gotten its spark back. He rushes out to see Karen as Elaine enters the apartment. Elaine and Jerry bitterly trade some snorkeling gear and poker chips and as Elaine leaves she decides to give Jerry his 30 minutes, in order to save their friendship.

Jerry and Elaine in bed

At Karen's apartment, a very content George and Karen lie in bed. He then thanks her and hints that she didn't need to fake it that time. He then tells her that her faking was a bit silly, which infuriates Karen because she was not faking it, causing her to kick him out of her apartment. Jerry and Elaine lie in bed as well, with Elaine reading a magazine and Jerry looking distraught. He talks to himself, blaming George for psyching him out about his equipment not performing. Elaine then asks if Jerry has any more mango left.

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Notes About Nothing

  • A Superman magnet appears on Jerry's fridge.
  • Jerry compares Elaine's faking ability to Meryl Streep's acting ability, and later refuses to see a Meryl Streep movie with Elaine on their night out.
  • This episode introduces new Seinfeld euphemisms for sex including "below the equator".
  • Kramer's shopping list includes mangoes, plantains, avocados, and plums with a red center.
  • The criteria for recognizing you're in love with a woman, according to Jerry, is if you clean the bathtub before she comes over.
  • The original title for this episode was "The Orgasm".
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