“The Mom and Pop Store” is the 91st episode of Seinfeld. It is the eighth episode of season six and originally aired November 17, 1994. It is directed by Andy Ackerman and is written by Tom Gammill & Max Pross. The title characters of "Mom" and "Pop" are played by Elsa Raven and Michael Robello. Jon Voight has a cameo appearance as himself.


George buys what he believes to be Jon Voight's LeBaron convertible and is bragging about it to everyone he sees. Elaine gets invited to Tim Whatley's night before Thanksgiving party. She later wins a radio contest holding the Woody Woodpecker balloon in the Macy's Parade for Mr. Pitt. Kramer is drumming up business for a Mom and Pop shoe repair shop in the neighborhood and even gets Jerry to get his sneakers cleaned by them. Jerry gets kicked out of George's convertible when he questions whether it was really owned by Jon Voight. Kramer informs Jerry that Mom and Pop abandoned their shop and his sneakers are missing. Jerry asks George and Kramer if they will arrive with him at Tim's party, but both refuse because he has yet to receive a valid invitation.

After a chance encounter with Jon Voight leaves Kramer bitten, George figures out he can prove once and for all if the famed actor used to own his LeBaron by getting one of the dentists at Tim's party to match the bitemarks on Kramer's arm with a chewed on pencil found in the car's glove compartment. George is later depressed to find out it wasn't Jon Voight who owned his car, but a non-famous dentist friend of Tim Whatley's named John Voight.

Elaine's hearing is temporarily damaged listening to a big band music marathon while waiting for Mr. Pitt's prize. When she attends Tim's party, she cruelly rejects Tim's advances thanks to not knowing what he is saying.

Jerry decides to crash Tim Whatley's party when a toothache won't go away and he can't find a dentist who will see him. Jerry is getting his tooth checked at the party when Tim confronts him and asks him why he bothered to show up. As Jerry defends his arrival at the party to Tim, he inadvertently knocks a pendant off the ledge and the Woody Woodpecker balloon being readied for the next day's Macy's Parade gets damaged. The next day, Mr. Pitt and the other people tasked with carrying the damaged balloon through the street for the parade struggle to keep it afloat. Later, Jerry gets a call from someone who tells him that Mom and Pop are selling his sneakers at a New Jersey garage sale, so he and Kramer board a bus to confront them in a parody scene of Midnight Cowboy (starring Jon Voight).


George: (singing) "Everybody's talkin' at me... I can't hear a word they're sayin'... just drivin' around in Jon Voight's car..."

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