"The Postponement"
Season 7
Episode 112
Air Date September 28, 1995
Writer(s) Larry David
Director Andy Ackerman
The Engagement · The Maestro
“The Postponement” is the 112th episode of Seinfeld, and the 2nd of Season Seven. It originally aired on September 28, 1995. The episode is partially a continuation of "The Engagement". This episode was written by Larry David and directed by Andy Ackerman.


George is very happy about his engagement to Susan, but is worried that he isn't ready for marriage. He goes to Susan and tries to postpone the wedding 3 months after the original date, but she starts crying and George tries to stop her from crying and overreacts and does what she wants. Meanwhile, Elaine talks to a neighborly rabbi with a cable TV show about George's engagement and how she feels "that she wants to be the one getting married". After Elaine lets her feelings out, she learns the rabbi can't keep a secret as he tells almost everyone in his apartment. He soon tells Jerry, who knows and tells her that the rabbi can't hold a secret at all. Back with the Susan/George story, George and Jerry see a dating couple at Monk's, as the girlfriend is crying and the boyfriend doesn't care at all. George suddenly realizes he needs to make the decisions, and goes to Susan but breaks down crying himself; Susan consoles him by postponing the wedding. Jerry and Kramer go to see Plan 9 From Outer Space, but Kramer sneaks a coffee from Java World in his jacket. When they go into the movie, Kramer burns himself passing by people in seats to get to his own seat. The end shows George and Susan watching TV in bed and they start watching the rabbi's show. He even tells Elaine's feeling on TV, with Elaine, George, and Susan mentioned by name in the show.

Critical Analysis

A blog dedicated to the legality of the issues that arise in Seinfeld episodes, Seinfeld Law, analyzed whether the conversation between Elaine and Rabbi Glickman was protected by clergy-penitent privilege.     

Notes About Nothing

  • Jerry wants to see Plan 9 From Outer Space, as this is what he, George, and Elaine try to see in “The Chinese Restaurant”. After waiting, nobody goes. Ironically, he sees it with Kramer, who was the only one who was not going to originally see it.
  • This episode does not start with Jerry doing stand-up, which is uncommon for episodes before Season 8.
  • In this episode, Elaine reveals she is not Jewish, something not known in previous episodes.
  • When Kramer was burnt and was crawling to his seat in pain, Michael Richards accidentally did injure one of the extras' feet.
  • Police Academy star Bruce Mahler portrayed the rabbi.
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