"The Raincoats, Part 1" is the 18th episode of Season Five. It is a two-part episode with The Raincoats, Part 2. It was written by Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld, Tom Gammill & Max Pross, and was directed by Tom Cherones.


George is hired to look after a boy named Joey, as part of the Big Brother program, much to his dismay. Jerry's parents come to stay for three days before leaving for Paris. He isn't so comfortable about it, because his new girlfriend, Rachel, also lives with her parents, limiting their opportunities to make out. George prepares to make an excuse to avoid babysitting Joey: fake a visit to Paris with the Seinfelds.

George asks Morty and Helen to his parents’ place for paella, but as the Seinfelds hate the Costanzas (who are unaware of the hatred), they say they have plans. However, Elaine's new close-talking boyfriend, Aaron, offered to take them to the Met, to which they say yes. Jerry goes to call Rachel, but she isn't home. When she does come home and call, the parents and Aaron come home, too.

Aaron meets Kramer as he drops in, and Morty notices he's wearing his invention: a beltless trench coat (The Executive). Kramer tells him that the raincoats are best-sellers at Rudy's Antique Boutique. Morty tells him of boxes full of them back in Miami, so he calls Jack Klompus to send some up.

George tries his Paris excuse on Alec, the head of the Big Brother chapter. Alec tells George that Joey's father lives in Paris, and that they've been trying to reunite them for a while. Later, on a tip from Kramer, he sells some of Frank's vacation clothes that are left untouched. Kramer comes in and tells George of dinner with Morty last night, tells Rudy of the trench coats, and buys one of Frank's shirts. George gets mad that he was lied to by Jerry, and confronts him.

Meanwhile, Aaron asks out Elaine and Jerry's parents to see My Fair Lady and have lunch. George sees them later that night on a hansom cab ride. When he comes home, Frank declares a vacation and asks for his clothes. It is revealed they were moth-ridden and are being burned by Rudy.

Jerry finally has Rachel over, but they are interrupted by Morty and Helen's return from their night with Aaron. Jack Klompus calls and says he has trouble opening the garage door, and that the delivery might take a bit longer.

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