“The Seven” was Seinfeld’s seventh season's thirteenth episode. Directed by Andy Ackerman and written by Alec Berg & Jeff Schaffer, it aired on February 1, 1996.


Elaine strains her neck trying to get a bike down from the wall in a store. In pain, she impulsively claims that she would give up the bike to whoever fixes her neck. When Kramer gives her a treatment that makes her feel better, he demands the bike despite it being a girl's bike. Elaine reluctantly complies, but her neck pain soon returns worse than ever, so she demands the bike back. The pair decide to have a neutral third party, Newman, decide who should keep the bike. In a reference to the Judgment of Solomon, Newman decrees that the bike be cut in half, with both Elaine and Kramer receiving one half. Elaine thinks the idea is ridiculous but hesitantly agrees, but Kramer tells Newman to give the bike to Elaine, saying he would rather it belong to her than see it destroyed. Much to Elaine's outrage, this leads Newman to decree the bike should be Kramer's (although Kramer later sells the bike to Newman for $50).

Meanwhile, George reveals to Susan that he wants to name his future firstborn child Seven (after Mickey Mantle's jersey number) but Susan disagrees, claiming that a number isn't a name and she doesn't want her future firstborn child to have Seven as its name; regardless, George sticks with Seven. When Susan discloses this to her expectant cousin Carrie and her husband Ken, they love the name and decide to give it to their child. This outrages George, who follows them to the hospital as Carrie is going into labor, desperately trying to get them to switch to a different name (among his ideas are Soda, Eight, and Thirteen) but to no avail.

Jerry is puzzled because he can't figure out why his girlfriend seems to be wearing the same dress every day he sees her. He tries various schemes to find out if she has any other outfits, but they are all frustrated by circumstances and fail to definitively answer the question. Elaine bumps into her and Jerry tries to get her to tell him what his girlfriend was wearing, but because of her neck trouble, she had to tilt her head straight up and she could only see the girlfriend's face. When he wrangles a visit to her apartment, he sees a 1992 photo of her wearing the same outfit. Consumed with curiosity, he finally loses control and starts rummaging through her closet looking for other different outfits but she catches him and dumps him on the spot, insisting that he leave before he can find out.

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