"The Ticket" is the fourth episode of the fourth season and is the 44th episode overall. It was written by Larry David and directed by Tom Cherones.


After being kicked in the head by Crazy Joe Davola, Kramer has been acting weird ever since, and uttering gibberish (including "Yo-Yo Ma"), so Jerry schedules him a doctor's appointment. Later, Jerry and George have a meeting with NBC about their new sitcom, Jerry. They are nervous once getting there, although Susan has helped them out a bit by making the show sound more interesting. Meanwhile, Newman needs Kramer's help when he has gotten a speeding ticket but told the officer that he was just rushing to save his friend from committing suicide. Now it's the day of the trial, and Newman needs Kramer to pretend to be the friend. Kramer is forced to skip his appointment because of this. Meanwhile, NBC is very interested in Jerry and will contact them back. They head to the diner, where they think they see Crazy Joe Davola right outside the diner. They are very nervous and start to hide, but soon see an officer coming in. Jerry asks him if he can escort the two outside with him to make sure they are safe, but the officer makes them wait until he has eaten. Soon, Jerry is very frustrated and just keeps waiting. Meanwhile, the trial is heating up and is going well, as Newman makes up something about Kramer committing suicide because he failed his dream of becoming a banker, but it takes a turn for the worse when Kramer is called to the stand. He starts to act strange again, causing Newman to get furious and even physically injure him. Back at the diner, Jerry and George are still waiting until Kramer and Newman come in. It turns out that the two were waiting for nothing and leave upset.

Notes About Nothing

  • This episode originally aired as a one-hour episode with "The Pitch".
  • Newman says in this episode that he doesn't want to kill himself, despite his suicidal personality as seen in "The Revenge".


"Yes, I admit I was speeding, but it was to save a man's life. A close friend. An innocent person who wanted nothing more out of life than to love, to be loved, and to be a banker."
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