"The Trip, Part 2"
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Season 4
Episode 42
Air Date August 19, 1992
Writer(s) Larry Charles
Director Tom Cherones
The Trip, Part 1 · The Pitch
“The Trip, Part 2” is the second episode of season four, the third and final of a three-part story arc, and the 42nd episode of Seinfeld overall. This episode first aired on August 19, 1992.


Cosmo Kramer is arrested for the murders of a serial killer, the "Smog Strangler", due to a script of his that was found on a dead body. Jerry and George, hoping to resolve the situation, call the police and say they have some information regarding the killer. The police pick them up, and on the way they arrest a man trying to break into a car. When they get another call, George and Jerry leave the police car; as they have left the door open, the robber escapes as well.

When Kramer is being held for interrogation, he has a nervous breakdown and appears as though he is the serial killer. However, another murder of the Smog Strangler takes place while he is in custody, so they know it can't be him. However, it is revealed that the main suspect is the man whom Jerry and George accidentally let out of the police car.

Notes About Nothing

  • This and Part 1 never aired together as a one-hour episode.
  • Marty Rackham, who played one of the LAPD officers, would appear again in Season Five as Jake Jarmel.
  • The newsman who appears on TV, Keith Morrison, is the real-life stepfather of Friends star Matthew Perry.
  • When the police come to arrest Kramer in his L.A. apartment, you can clearly see Larry Charles and Larry David standing amongst the crowd of people who have gathered to witness the arrest. 
  • This and “Part 1” was voted one of the worst Seinfeld episodes of all time due to lack of comedy.


George: There's a bag of Pepperidge Farm cookies up there.
Jerry: What kind?
George: Milano.
Jerry: Cops eating Milanos, what kind of crazy town is this?

Officer: Which one of you is Costanza?
(Jerry & George point at each other)
Get in.

George: We're friends of a serial killer.
Criminal: Oh, that's nice.
Jerry: Suspected serial killer, he didn't actually do it.
George: We're pretty sure he didn't do it.