"The Visa" is the 15th episode of the fourth season of Seinfeld, and the 55th episode overall. This episode first aired on January 27, 1993. It was written by Peter Mehlman and was directed by Tom Cherones.


George meets Cheryl (Maggie Han), an Asian-American woman who is a lawyer, and who thinks he is very funny. When he tells Jerry and Elaine, they enthusiastically plan a double date, much to George's dismay, as he imagines himself upstaged by Jerry and losing her to him. At the date, which is in a restaurant, it comes out in conversation that the woman's cousin is Ping, the Chinese food delivery boy whom Elaine had injured in "The Virgin". He is suing Elaine, and the woman is the lawyer who is handling the case. She tells them she will try to get him to drop the case and goes to make a phone call. While she is away, a distraught George extracts a promise from Jerry that he will try very hard not to be funny around her, though Jerry protests that this will be very difficult. Jerry's overdone attempts to do this when the lawyer returns give her the impression that he is a dark and disturbed persona which attracts her even more.

At Jerry's Apartment, Kramer returns early from baseball fantasy camp, where he accidentally punched Mickey Mantle. Elaine sees the lawyer with George and thanks her for persuading Ping to drop the case. She replies that she decided to do that because they all seemed like such nice people. As Elaine is giving Jerry the mail that she has been holding for him while he was out of town, there is a commotion at the apartment of Babu Bhatt, the Pakistani whom Jerry tried to help in "The Cafe". More recently, Jerry had helped him get a job and the apartment down the hall. But now it seems that Babu is being hauled off by the INS. He sees Jerry and pleads with him to help, which Jerry promises to do. Later, to their horror, Jerry and Elaine discover the Visa renewal form Babu was supposed to fill out in Jerry's belated mail; it had been delivered to Jerry's address by mistake. They go to the jail where Babu is being held and he is delighted to see them until they tell him what happened. At that point he becomes angry at them and calls Jerry "A very, very bad man!" Jerry once again promises to straighten things out by enlisting the help of a person that George's lawyer friend knows in the INS.

The lawyer has lunch with Jerry, where he continues his morose facade. When she sees George, she confesses that she is attracted to Jerry's dark disturbed personality. George, realizing that his scheme has backfired, vehemently denies that he is that way, insisting that he is actually very funny. When she disagrees, citing his demeanor, George unwittingly admits that it was all an act to keep Jerry from stealing her away from him. In a pathetic attempt to win her over, he proclaims he is the demented one for putting Jerry up to his act and therefore she should be more attracted to him. Stunned at this revelation, she gets up to leave. When George asks her if he can call her, she replies, "Please don't."

At Jerry's apartment, Elaine sees Ping and thanks him for dropping the case. He sneers and tells her that the case is back on and the damages will be doubled because they have all made his cousin (Cheryl) really mad because of the scheme that the gang took part in to mislead her. Babu's brother enters, who tells them that he has been deported. They can't figure out why the friend didn't straighten things out until George shows up and explains what had happened with the lawyer the previous night.

In the closing scene, Babu (in Pakistan) swears eternal vengeance against Jerry, whom he calls a "very, very bad man."

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