"The Watch"
Season 4
Episode 46
Air Date September 30, 1992
Writer(s) Larry David
Director Tom Cherones
The Wallet · The Bubble Boy

"The Watch" is the sixth episode of Season Four. It's a continuation of "The Wallet", and a recap is played before the first stand-up. This episode first aired on September 30, 1992.


Jerry Seinfeld has lunch with his parents and his Uncle Leo. Leo is wearing a watch very similar to the watch that Jerry's parents had given him in a previous episode. Jerry tells them that his watch is at the jeweler's because it was keeping poor time. While, in fact, Jerry had thrown his watch in the trash only for Leo to find it and get it repaired. During lunch, Leo & Jerry meet in the restroom where Jerry attempts to buy the watch back from Leo. Meanwhile, Elaine Benes pretends that Kramer is her boyfriend in order to fool her therapist.

George Costanza does some negotiating to get Jerry reinstated. He succeeds, but he is offered only $8,000. Meanwhile, Elaine Benes begins to date "Crazy" Joe Davola, whom she meets outside her therapist's office.


Kramer: You have a decaf cappuccino?
Dr. Reston: I don't think we have that.
Kramer: Well, that's a little strange.

Jerry: You know why fish are so thin?
Naomi: Why?
Jerry: They eat fish.