"The Wink" is the fourth episode of Seinfeld’s seventh season. It aired on NBC on October 12, 1995, and it was written by Tom Gammill & Max Pross. It was directed by Andy Ackerman.


Elaine dates the man from her wake-up service. A bit of grapefruit pulp, from Jerry's breakfast, gets into George's eye and causes problems for him when his winks keep getting misinterpreted. Jerry's healthy diet conflicts with his dating of Elaine's cousin, Holly (Stacey Travis), who expects him to eat mutton. Kramer promises a sick boy that the New York Yankees' Paul O'Neill will hit two home runs for him, so he can get back a birthday card that he sold based on George's wink.


  • Holly: "Jerry, I'm thrilled you like my mutton. I was afraid you only ate . . . salad."
  • Jerry: "Hey, salad's got nuttin' on this mutton!"
  • Elaine: [to Holly as she abruptly leaves] "Thanks for mutton!"

  • Jerry: "Spent the night at James', did we?"
  • Elaine: "Yeah, but we reversed positions so there was no funny business."
  • Jerry: "Reversed positions?"
  • Elaine: "Yeah, you know, head to toe."
  • Jerry: "So what? Your genitals are still lined up."

  • Jerry: "Pulp couldn't make it across the table."
  • George: "Pulp can move, baby!"
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