Tom Pepper
Gender Male
First Appearance "The Pilot, Part 1"
Last Appearance "The Pilot, Part 2"
Occupation Actor
Portrayed By Larry Hankin

Tom Pepper is the actor hired to play Cosmo Kramer in the pilot of Jerry.

Tom auditions for the role, and blows the crew, including Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza, away with his likeness to Kramer and his ability to re-create Kramer's mannerisms and quirks.

He steals a box of raisins during his auditions, but only George notices. George constantly tries to get Pepper to admit that he stole the raisins, only to be denied. He is later seen eating from a box of raisins before the taping of the pilot.

Unlike Kramer, Pepper is level-headed, but has an extremely violent streak, threatening George with death and violent punishments.

Tom is portrayed by Larry Hankin, who auditioned for the actual role of Kramer before Michael Richards was cast. Larry portrayed Tom in "The Pilot".

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