"Step off, George! I don’t want to see you!"

Tony is a handsome young man who dated Elaine Benes for a short period. Elaine swears her relationship with Tony is in no way superficial. Jerry thinks otherwise and tells her Tony is a mimbo (a male bimbo) with nothing to offer her but his good looks. Tony was played by Dan Cortese and appeared in the season five episode, "The Stall".

Tony pops the collar on his jacket, wears his hat backwards, partakes in extreme sports and is an all around cool guy. His coolness was too much for George Costanza to ignore and the two became friends. George invited Tony to go bowling with him, but Tony declined. He suggested the two go rock-climbing instead and George accepted. To George's dismay, Cosmo Kramer got himself invited on the outing as well. The three started out okay, but George and Kramer bickered while Tony was suspended in mid-air. Both ignored Tony's instructions to tie his rope up and Tony fell off the mountain. He survived the fall, but suffered considerable damage to his face. Blaming George for the accident, Tony ended their friendship. Not even a peace offering of Superman comics from George would change his mind.

Wanting to prove Jerry wrong that she was dating him just for his appearance, Elaine tried to continue her relationship with Tony after the accident, but his extensive bandaging and the possibility that his looks were gone forever were too much for her and she broke up with him.

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