"You see this gasket? I have no confidence in that gasket!"

Tony Abado is a highly skilled auto mechanic who grew deeply attached to Jerry Seinfeld's Saab convertible. He was played by Brad Garrett and appeared in Season 7's hour-long episode "The Bottle Deposit".

Tony is an easygoing guy if the customer treats his car right. If he doesn't, he will guilt-trip him with warnings of the dangers of poor automobile maintenance. He has a program for neglectful car owners to bring their cars back to showroom standards, but it involves a commitment to keeping theirs car below 60 mph at all times, making sure their ratio of left turns is equal to turns to the right and the spending of possibly thousands of dollars. Anyone who objects to this program is brow-beaten with even more scorn and ridicule from him.

Jerry Seinfeld was a victim of Tony's intimidation tactics and quickly grew tired of them. He told Tony that he would no longer be doing business with him and requested the keys to his Saab so that he could find a different auto mechanic. Tony took extreme exception to it and chose to steal Jerry's car rather than return it. He then took the stolen Saab for a joyride and was last seen with it in rural Ohio, lobbing golf clubs at a mail truck driven by Cosmo Kramer, who was attempting to help Jerry get the Saab back. Tony was never seen or heard from again, and the Saab was never recovered.