Greetings from your Wikia Community Support team,

Starting today, Wikia’s engineers are testing a new system for article comments on this wiki. This shouldn’t really affect either the comments already posted or your ability to post comments, but I wanted to make you aware of the change, albeit minor.

The Article Comment section will now be ‘lazy loaded’. Lazy loading is when parts of the pages are loaded at different pages. In this instance, the article comments of a page will load only when the user scrolls down to the section. When the user gets to this section, they will see a very quick ‘loading’ icon and then the comments should appear. This will be a matter of milliseconds to a second at max.

Why are we doing this? To make your experience FASTER on Wikia. Even though we’re quite proud of our page load times are as fast as they are, we are always looking to improve. This leads to happier users and actually does improve your Search Engine Optimization significantly. Article Comments are one of the most expensive parts of the page to render in terms of page load time, so we think loading it in this way will make a nice difference.

Thanks for reading! Again, you really shouldn’t see much of a difference, maybe just a split-second of loading time for the article comments to appear. If you have any concerns or bugs to report, please feel free to comment on this blog or use Special:Contact.