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MakeShift MakeShift 28 February 2020

Your Wiki Manager!

Hey everyone, I'm MakeShift and I've been assigned to WikiSein as your Wiki Manager! I'm here to help you guys and act as a sort of "middleman" between the community and full-time Fandom staff, and to make sure we keep everything healthy and in great shape.

While I'm at it, I might also bring up Fandom's latest project, the Unified Community Platform, or UCP. Over the next little while, Fandom will be transitioning over to the UCP, and so I'll be here to help make that process smooth for all of you. In how the UCP affects the general user, the project will seek to make editing and getting around wikis a whole lot easier, so it's nothing but an upgrade in terms of editing and content creation, and a bonafide benefit to everyone. If you're in…

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